This month marks the start of Trinity’s 100th year of ministry, and we have many exciting events to look forward to as we approach the official anniversary date of July 14. We’ve already begun to enjoy seeing the old photographs, hearing names of forebears, and sharing stories of bygone days. But as we look back on our history and enjoy stories of our heritage, it is very important that we be looking forward as well.

The visionary Moravians who started Trinity saw great opportunity for ministry in the Sunnyside and surrounding neighborhoods. Then, this area was a relatively new suburban area, serviced by the relatively new trolley car system. Many people could afford the new Ford Model T, and these transportation options opened the way for neighborhoods further out from the center of town. Jobs at local mills were expanding. But it was not long before World War I would hit, and not too many years later the Great Depression. Yet in the midst of the Depression, the members of Trinity rallied to build the four-story Christian Education building that serves us so well today.

That building is now full of activity every Wednesday night with our LOGOS program, and recently has been bubbling with nearly 80 grade school children from the neighborhood each Saturday morning who come for structured tutoring and academic assistance. In a time of financial challenge when many traditional churches are stepping back and shrinking, Trinity continues to find new avenues for ministry.

God has placed us here for a purpose; we have a unique message to share and a unique ministry to accomplish today, in 2012 – and forward in future years – among the people of Sunnyside, Waughtown and surrounding communities. Today our society is fabulously mobile, we have members who commute in regularly from every corner of the county, and we are able to stay in touch with young members away at college and friends who live in distant communities through technology. But ultimately, it is the personal contact and relationships that are the building blocks of ministry at Trinity.

Today, tomorrow, next year, God has a mission for us. This year as we look back upon our past, we must at the same time be rooted in the moment, sensitive to the things which are going on around us, the people who we encounter who are in need of the words of grace. We need to be looking forward to the future, planning wisely and seeking God’s guidance for our future ministry here on the corner of Sunnyside and Sprague.

- Pastor John