On Sunday, November 2 we will hold our annual Church Council meeting.  At this meeting, we have a report from the Board and we usually elect new Board members.  This year, however, we will be considering a change to our Rules & Regulations to change to a single, smaller Church Board.

There are a number of reasons for this proposed change, which comes from the Board members themselves.  We have had increasing difficulty finding good candidates who are able to serve for the four year term, especially when we must also have candidates for Central Board (a six year term) and RCC representation (a two year term).  In emphasizing communication between the boards, we generally hold a Joint Board meeting every month, and about half the meeting usually involves reporting what each board is doing.  It is felt that the smaller, single board will be able to be more nimble and effective.

Of course, the Southern Province has reorganized and trimmed bureaucracy also to be more efficient.  Other congregations have either reduced the size of their boards, or converted to the single-board structure.  In most cases, they have had a good experience with the change.  All the current responsibilities of the Trustees, Elders, and Joint Board will be covered by the new, smaller board through the designation of committees and short-term task forces.

As Pastor (and thus chair of the Board of Elders and Joint Board) I feel that the church can operate effectively with either structure.  The smaller board will need to depend upon the help of non-elected members to help with committees and task forces.  You can read the proposal inside this newsletter (see page X); feel free to speak to any current board member or me if you have questions about the proposal.  Changes to the Rules & Regulations require a 2/3 majority of those voting at Church Council.  Should the proposal be approved and adopted, an enabling resolution will also be required to provide a transition to the smaller membership.  In that case, there will be no elections this year for Board.

It is important that we have as full a representation of our active membership at Council as is possible.  That means we need YOU to be there!  A full copy of the Rules & Regulations as they would be revised is available to any church member from the Church Office.

- Pastor John