September is “back-to-school” time for many families, and that means it’s “back-to-LOGOS” time at Trinity!  I want to take a moment to emphasize how very important this program is for the life of our congregation and for the children that are touched by LOGOS.

LOGOS provides a lot more than a hot meal and fellowship, some craft time, and Bible study.  Some of the children who have attended in recent years come from homes where the idea of sitting down and having dinner together is a foreign idea.  The fellowship and welcome of a sit-down meal with shared conversation is a new thing for them.  Bible study brings its own rewards, I’m always pleased to find that our Trinity kids know and remember the stories of the Exodus and King David.  Crafts and games are an enjoyable time together, choir brings the magic of music to everyone, and chapel features a different parable to reflect on.

Last year, we added some exciting  activities that included meeting a miniature pony, “hands-on” science including experiments with static electricity and figuring out how Mentos and Diet Coke cause such a reaction.  This year we will be raising some earthworms (“EEEWWW”) that will eventually fertilize some square-foot gardens, more chemistry, experiments with sound, and we’ll have the opportunity to meet a sheep!

LOGOS provides a building block experience for many children that they would not have any other way.  To all who cook, all who clean up, all who teach, and all who contribute in so many ways to make that “midweek miracle” happen – THANKS!!!  You receive a blessing from your participation, but you create a blessing that ultimately comes from God.!